Needing a model for Warcraft: Armies Of Azeroth

Hello I am a member of the mod called Warcraft: Armies Of Azeroth an hd remaster of Warcraft III I’m making model edits from wow , some easy sculpts and reskins to make them loyal to old wc3 concepts. One model though is stuck in my head and I can’t do it myself called Arachnathid(Crixalis from DOTA) an awesome modeler K0h4n from here made one model but he is long gone and I can’t contact and the model could be more loyal so I wanted to ask you to help if someone is willing to make that awesome model for us

old wc3 model :

some cool concepts for it:

and awesome model made by K0h4n:

the model must be in blizz style , wow alike to fit with other models we made and edited I’m hoping someone will be interested in making this awesome model

Thanks from YourArthas WAA Team Member !

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