Needs Help Weight Paint this model! (.blend provided)

Hello, I have been modeling this character for a couple of days now, and I have completed it to my liking after remodeling it several times. This is my first completed model ever! :smiley: I used the skeleton I created from an older version of the model based on a tutorial on Blender’s site. Now, I’m not very good at weight painting myself and decided to use Automatic Bone Weights.

For some reason, The left and right leg have separate weight and the right leg’s weight is reaching the character’s shoulder. Could someone help me out in painting this properly? I was thinking it was the character’s geometry, but it was mirrored while modeling, so it can’t be that. Also, does the skeleton look properly made, because I am ready to animate this character for a game in Unity3D.

Here is the latest blend done in 2.49:

Edit: I unparented the Armature and cleaned the weights.

First time here, so bare with me. And top of that, I am also on the learning curve.

The first and foremost thing you need to do, before you can Weight Paint is to parent your Mesh object to Armature object.
You can do this by selecting the mesh object first and then the armature in Object Mode and press Ctrl + P) but things have been made easy - Armature Modifier. You just need to do these following steps…
> Select your mesh
> Add Modifier as Armature
> Enter the name in the Ob: field (in your case, it’s Armature).

Additional Tip: Select a bone in Pose Mode > Shift + select your mesh object > Ctrl + Tab and viola! You are ready to weight paint your model now. You can select your specific bone and paint it across the mesh you want and at the same time you can Grab (G) or Rotate ® the bone to judge the weight.

Thanks, but I think that my thread title may be misleading. What i mean’t to say is that I’m not able to properly weight paint my model, because I’m bad at it. When I uploaded the blend file, I un-parented the mesh from the skeleton and deleted the armature modifier thinking that someone else would be able to do a better job at it. Automatic weights usually help me about about, but not for this model. Did you have any luck at it? Maybe I could find an expert skinner to do this model for me? Then maybe I can see what a properly painted character looks like!

Looked at your file, and noticed a couple of things. 1st the origin of the mesh and the origin of the armature are at 2 very different locations, best to have them share the same point. Before I adjusted this, I tried parenting the mesh to the armature and used bone heat, and it didn’t paint one leg. After fixing the origin points, I tried again and the auto weight was even worse. I’m not sure, never seen it act like that before, but maybe it’s your mesh, it’s pretty dense. Looks like you applied the subsurf modifier to it. Also, the armature has a transformation on it. Select the armature in object mode and open the transform properties panel, it has a rot of 90, forget which axis.

I set the armature’s origin point to be that of the mesh by selecting the mesh in object mode, snapping cursor to selected, then selected the armature in object mode and under the object menu -> transform -> center cursor. I then parented the mesh to the armature with bone heat, and it looks good all but the left thigh. Looks like you will have to manually touch up the weight paint.

The armature’s leg bones are rotated some, might want to line up the bone roll axis some, that might help. As-is, you won’t be able to use the ‘copy pose’ and ‘paste flipped pose’ features while animating.


ps - no need to parent the mesh to armature and use armature modifier, it’s like a double whammy and can cause problems.