Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)


I’m fan of the old resident evil video games, specially 1, 2 and 3, in my opinion, nemesis was one of the best bosses in the game.

I began using skin modifier, then edit the generated mesh, for create and separate the main parts.

To create the tentacles, I extrude a cylinder along a BezierCurve. For the clothes I used Solidify modifier, then multiresolution modifier, currently looks like this

Ugh, Nemesis… That bastard… I remembered his arrival like it was yesterday. After beating Resident Evil 3, for the first time in the entire series, it had a New Game Plus Option! Curious at the thought, I chose that option and it went into a cut screen when a very large wooden create was dropped somewhere in Raccoon City. He broke out of the crate in a couple of punches and the only thing I heard from that guy was, “Kill…STARS” Of course at that time I really didn’t know what he meant by that and thought that some where along the lines, I would have to face him. With the weapons that I carried over from the last game, I thought to him as a minor threat.

Fast forward into the mansion, he cornered me into a room. With a grenade launcher in my inventory, I blasted him with most of my pay load of Acid Rounds and with a thud, he was down for the count. With a sense of fear and accomplishment, I was like “No big deal! That was easy”! I walked out of the room and as soon as I turn the corner, Nemesis came smashing through the wall like he as the Kool Aid man and brought me to a critical state! It took me a moment after I press the pause button and said to my self, “No! No! No! No Way! I killed you! How can you still be alive”?!

Hated that guy as the bane of my experience on that game… Until the chainsaw-welding manic doctor came along on 4.

But I digress. It looks great so far. Just make sure you fix that left shoulder on the coat up a bit.

A little update, fixed the shoulder, now i’m working on the body and hands

Sculpted hands, pants, adding some details…

Almost done, this is how looks selecting rendered mode in the viewport shading in Cycles Render

Holy cow, this guy again?!
Some characters are better of dead, and well dead, with fivew magnum shots, I tough I would never seen this one again!

Aside that, nice job so far, are we going to see him rendered, with textures and all that stuff?