Neo - deco space yacht with interior

wow… it’s a great progress… keep it up… what will you do with the project in the end?

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Selling a few asset that i made during this project, if i have more free time i think i’ll learn Unreal Engine to test how can i make this ship usable.

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is unreal free for small developer? else unity engine is good for such things.

Hmm i dont know much about their licenses tho, the company i’m currently outsourcing for use Unity so i guess Unity license is easier for small dev ?

It’s looking really nice.

I think a problem with your turret design is that it’s not obvious that it can rotate the cannon upwards. I would consider making a bigger, exposed cylindrical element in the center of rotation for the cannon to make how it actuates a lot more obvious.
Might also be worth exposing and beefing up that piston supporting it at the bottom because the gun looks to be too heavy to be supported by that.

The landing gear is pretty cool but I find that having it go straight down is often a bit boring, makes it look a bit like stilts. If you look at the 890 we made all of them angled, it’s a lot more difficult to make it actually fold up nicely but if you can make it work it looks so much more interesting and just overall better imo.

Also Unreal is free to download and use. If you publish a game made with it you need to pay 5% of your profit in royalties to Epic Games (with some exceptions).

Hey i’m glad you are still watching this thread, i could always use more advices from someone who did the thing i’m trying to do way before me.

The turret i’ll rework the cylinder later since currently its just a block out,i dont really like it currently so there’ll be changes. Currently working on the mounting pad of the turret. I based this vertical rotation cannon based on irl tanks turret.

My animation skill is still limited so creating a complex extendable and foldable landing gear prove somewhat difficult, if you look at the first post you can see that the back wouldnt need too much work on the gear since its the large contact surface, i did build some gear for it, it was easy. But the front gear need to be both extendable and foldable too so it would be complicated if i were to design it angled, but since im working with an indestructive workflow, there are always room for change

Testing with the plating, a few variation of the plate textures & added a few plates, the further details will be added later on, i plan to use mostly decals for the details.

The trade off for having this art direction is that i can’t kitbash too much and litter the surfaces with details that will help it looks bigger & more realistic. This ship is quite a challenge to make it looks up to scale.

Hallway shot to test the light mixing, how is it looking ? One thing i can notice in Star Citizen ships is that sometimes there are corners that are shadowed, not many light reaching them, i guess that was made to compliment the atmosphere ?

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Detailed the hull a bit

Testing out a few turret placements, kinda looking like a lesser battleship now lol

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Added sets of Reaction control system for downward thrust & upward thrust here and there. Exterior is almost done so i can focus on interior, it’s been a while since i touched the inside.

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What an awesome thread. Great seeing such a large scale project come along so nicely. Well done.

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a lit bit offtopic but i think the gun deserve some love too, so i’m setting up a scene for the render showcase of it, shouldn’t take too much time tho. I just love the gun so much here.
Like what i did to the ship concept, i wanna do something different, so the scene that show the gun will combine sci fi industrial design & neo deco style. This is a rough blockout.

Very cool ,nice modeling reminds me of this Sinot’s Aqua 644mil super yacht.

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In my designs i drift many times away from base design/shape and ruin my work.
Your stay in your design concept - great Work !

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I absolutely love this design dude. Your realization is really doing your premise justice too! Your take on Neo Deco reminds me of the design philosophies behind Prey, the 2017 system shock tribute.

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Thank you guys a lot !
This is the current planned sections for the ships, i currently have half of the ships almost done ( inside ), it include bar room, relaxation lounge with clear glasses beneath & a spa room that connect to the relaxation louge, the captain room, cockpit, common area with mini kitchen & sunken seating, i plan to move the jacuzzi to the back of the ship and replace the current position with a piano maybe.

The idea is to create a social space where guests can chat and have fun while also have a place to cook some soft meal, it is important to create an open space with equipments that enable them to do soft activities.

The ship is particularly problematic to do a suitable layout for the many rooms i have in minds while also maintain a spacious environment design. The height of the ship at the nose is only suitable for 1 level only so i guess i have to make them spacious somehow, maybe by design then minimalistically ?

I currently have the crew cabin, crew bathroom & laundry, the main kitchen, some meeting space for the crew, the lobby for the entrance, and 3 or 4 VIP Guest rooms, the main dining hall. I have those left to do a layout for, the crews rooms can be a bit smaller but the VIP rooms & the dining hall must be spacious.

So if you guys can help me out i’d really appreciate it !

Played around with the clothes simulation and thought that adding some curtain with artsy pattern would make a nice addition

Door asset for most room, currently not animated but i already had the animating plan in mind

Piano asset for the new layout of the common room ( I know the piano in those pics have scaling problem but i’ll rescale them later )

Should i rotate it by 90 degree so the side doesn’t face the room ?


rotating would be better for exposing the asset better. Atm its pretty hidden away.
only worry is, that the shape of the piano wont fit as well anymore, as the “flow” of the lines are then wrongly aligned.