NeoClassical interior (WIP) - Give your feedback

Hi there. I’m gonna take a look different interior design styles and selected two styles of interior design: neoclassical and scandinavian.
In this case I’ve created a simple room with two windows on the walls, some crown molded, some carnice molded and added ornament with pics on the surface to the ceiling. And next steps are add some furnitures, flooring, beveling some places, lamps and etc.

Well, firstly, is the room enough with scale and other symmetrations?

C & C are always welcom as it is in on FC section :wink:

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Render test using LuxCoreRender (@Dade, @B.Y.O.B )



Please, post your C & C and it would helps me a lot.

The bedroom looks good. I like the modeling of the bed and pillows. It is empty but you said you will add objects. I think the gray color scheme is a little dull. The light fixture is the only thing with color. It might look better when the various objects are added.

Dining room. The colorful items and wood floor make the gray less dull. Now it serves as a canvas for the art and furnishings. It is not clear what is happening with the white panel on the left. The bright vertical stripe looks like a window into an outdoor scene but the modeling doesn’t show a window frame. Overall the room looks a little formal, I think that’s the style, but livable.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Will recheck again :wink:

Regarding the most recent image you posted, I’m not really sure what the gray shape in the background is. I think it’s supposed to be a TV, but I’m not sure why it would be in the middle of the dining room. I really like the light fixture, and the lighting. The molding on the ceiling above the window on the right is a little strange in how it juts out, maybe you could make it flush with the rest of the molding like you did on the left side. Also, the window on the left side kind of looks like a door but I’m not really sure what it is supposed to be. I hope this helps a little, I like how the image is turning out!

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Thanks :relaxed:.
I will rechanging overall with some another position and also will use #LuxCoreRender for it. Also would like to change height dimension because it is a few far from what I want. On the right ceiling ornament I was planned to put some curtains. Thats why it has out fitted. :blush:sorry, just testing some sort of ideas onto this kind of my scenes.