NeoGeo - Where Did It Go?

Ton Roosendaal founded NeoGeo in 1988. This company used the software called “TRACES” (Predecessor of Blender), however, NeoGeo vanished without a trace! What happened to it? There is no information on the matter!

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Here’s a tiny bit of history.


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Yes. I read that before :grinning:, however, it doesn’t tell us where NeoGeo went. We know that in 1988, NeoGeo was founded. In 1998, NaN (Not a Number) was founded. But where did NeoGeo go? It was there, and then dissapeared.

I guess it was closed in favor on NaN. Companies do die.

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But there’s not enough info on how, when, or if it died. I visited the old Blender website on the Wayback Machine (, and I saw, as the years progressed, NaN and NeoGeo were both there, and around 2002, NeoGeo just disappeared. There’s no info.

It failed. If you happen to have one of the games or even the console, it’s worth lots and lots of money. High valued collector items.

Not the Japanese NeoGeo! I mean the NeoGeo that was founded by Ton Roosendaal in 1988! Logo at the bottom!