Neon Tetra

just a little test of the free neon tetra model.
(the old .3ds free fish models from toucan)
The texture is not very good, so I re-textured (touched up the old uv map),
I used photos from google images, then reworked the uv in Photoshop.
Then rendered in Blender with my photo background.
Then back to Photoshop for color correction/noise.

I like it…but it looks fuzzy, or old photo to me I worked a little in gimp…and got this, what do you think?


hi N00BIE,
good job.
I may have overdone the noise a little. :wink:
your image brings out a nicer feel.
like an old photo in a fish book. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I like the original too, it looks like a newspaper print…
So yeah, nice!

Tip for photoshop (or gimp):
Duplicate the layer.
Blur it (like 5-10 pixels)
invert colours.
Set layer mode to overlay.

thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:
here’s another version.