Nespresso. Volluto my favorite

Composition of Nespresso Cups. Things to do: the rim of the glass isn’t yet right. The coffee itself with the fluid generator.


The tiles in the background are flat, you should make it real 3d, in my opinion. Also, the red cup has some weird texturing on it. And the glass looks weird, too dark. Make the color pure white instead of the default color.

Thanks for the comments! I will take a look at the glass and tiles. The texture of the front cup is because a special edition of a nespresso taste (cherry).

Project Nespresso: blender 2.61 OSX - 1000 passes cycles render

Tanks for your comments! I will have a look at the tiles in the background (just an image) and de color of the glass. The texture of the cup in the front is a special edition of a Nespresso taste (cherry).