Nested Operations [Feature request]

I’d like to have nested pop-ups. Is there interest and support for this feature? The Python API implementation currently prohibits nested pop-ups, i.e. nested bpy.ops invocations. Within an Operation, the execute() method is the only correct context for a statement of the form bpy.ops…(‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’). I would propose permitting the statement bpy.ops…(‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’) within the draw() method, so that check() can be used to test for whether a nested pop-up should be triggered, and a conditional statement within draw could then call the invocation of a new operation, before execution of the original operation.

Other supporters? Would this be easily implement in the API? How do we go about making the request and gaining support?

Thank you,

Oops. Disregard. I’ve found that and layout.operator() within an Operator will nest nicely. -Doug