Net Neutrality , if we dont act the internet as we know it will DIE !

The big cable companies want to filter web pages depending on how much money they pay. we need to spread the word and let them know this is no going to happen .

POWER TO THE PEOPLE :evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

I’m going to put a new kitchen in your home for only $2500. today. Next year, I’m coming back to charge you $35,000 if you keep using my kitchen I installed for you.

I won’t watch that video unless it involves archangels slaying dragons with sabers :spin:

I’m more than sure the cable companies have the best interests of the people in mind. After all, without the people they have no service. Without service they have no money.

Of course there are no real, fact based, grounds for these statements I make. I just like to assume that everyone in the world has a good heart and that anyone who would dare say that they don’t have a good heart is just being silly. Or an atheist. (take that grammar whores)


Uh huh. :rolleyes:

If you build it they will come. If you speak it, they will make it real. I you do nothing, you get nothing.

The internet is dying, the internet is fine… depends on who you ask and what their agenda is.

I read part of that article Krisnack. I stopped because I got insulted by the fact they didn’t mention archangels. :spin:

You should be ashamesesesed.

This issue has been around for years, so it’s nothing new.

Still I wish the cable internet companies would block all porn sites and sites with a lot of X rated content, blocking this content is one of the few things I like about the Chinese Government.

You act like the internet has been around forever. Fast internet at a descent cost is rather new. With services like AOL, they would have had a hard time limiting site because the data transfer was already so slow. What companies are trying to do now is choose what we easily find on the internet.

While you may think censorship is great and dandy, what happens when they censor things you care about? What if otherkin is seen as something just as bad as pornography? What if corporations decide what the ideal religion is? What if Autodesk decides that people should only have easy access to information about Maya?

Censorship is never okay. It always starts by going along with ideals. Once they actually have that power, though, nothing is safe. Just because you do not like something, does not mean that it is okay for you to block everybody else from accessing it. What if you don’t agree with those in control? Who is to say that they know what everybody needs? This is a slippery slope that we need to steer clear of.

Keep in mind that just because it exists on the internet doesn’t mean that you have to view it. If you don’t want to see porn, don’t look for it. There are even filters to help you keep content out that you don’t want to see. It is fine for you to filter what you see, but NEVER give that power to somebody else.

Also, I would like to point out that porn would probably be just as common with a filtered internet. The pornography industry is rather large, and they would be a major player in what is presented to internet subscribers…

Trevin, I’m impressed that you always seem like a reasonable chap and always put the point across very well…

I think you’re right about the economics of the pornternet .

Well said, Trevin.

I don’t understand what the huge deal is. if Comcast and Brighthouse wanted to charge you per site they’d just do that now. There’s nothing telling them they can’t do that right this instant. There’s no right to the internet, the whole internet. If someone wanted to offer a service that was just 20 websites and charge $40 a month for it they are more than welcome to try. But, see, if they did that, no one would subscribe.

These companies aren’t retarded. The internet is WAY too huge to limit the scope of. They know that if they ever started limiting or charging people per site there would be two immediate ramifications to this: 1) Their customers would abandon them immediately. 2) even if they managed to keep all of their customers, or if ALL of the companies did this, the internet would die. The heart and soul of the internet is the pure and simple fact that you, me and everyone else can hop on, make a website and start a business. If you’re subscribing to specific websites, then how can you allow for growth like that? How would people ever find your site? How would anyone be able to get a site hosted? The internet would shrivel up and die. It would be replaced by a new internet. The net grew out of a lot of different things, and I’d go back to a BBS system before I paid subscriptions for websites.

Enforced Internet censorship? Nah, Internet porn (along with the other things anonymity prevents in other media) is not going to be routed so easily. People would simply jump to the permissive competitor.

While you may think censorship is great and dandy, what happens when they censor things you care about? What if otherkin is seen as something just as bad as pornography? What if corporations decide what the ideal religion is? What if Autodesk decides that people should only have easy access to information about Maya?

Eloquently put, but

Censorship is never okay

I’m going to be nitpicky about, in two types of scenarios:

a) The rather obvious variety. Lesser forms of censorship, (i.e., rating systems) are a necessity. You have a right to know about questionable content and deserve the option to be protected from it.

b) Not all tastes should be catered to. There’s a lowest common denominator of “preferences” that most societies rather impart penal/corrective treatment to. Past the legal threshold, there’s another whole population that, in the opinion of mental health professionals, should be treated rather than pampered. Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer, but a warning system is still desirable (just for fun, I’ll point out that Voyeurism is considered as a disorder in both the DSM and CIE catalogs).

When it comes to practical considerations, of course, nobody wants a Prohibition-style witch hunt. If controls are really going to be put in place, they should start humble and adapt, always considering non-idealized factors as much as possible to remain a positive contribution at large.

Just for that, I think I’ll go and watch some porn. Not because I particularly want to at the moment, but because I know dumbasses like you can’t stop me.

God bless the internet :smiley:

Oh, and here are some links for you, turns out that the Bible belt has the highest rates of homicide, sexually transmitted disease, teen pregnancy, abortion and child mortality. Can you say Ironic?

I wonder about that.

Today I saw two movies. One was about a two musicians. They meet become friends, and make an album. The other was about and LAPD officer and a Hong Kong inspector trying to take down the triads.

In the first movie the female musician says “fuck” on two occasions I can recall. This movie is rated R.

In the second movie, clear view of womens’ naked rears are visible, people get shot, they swear faaarr more often than in the first movie a people die. This movie is rated PG-13.

Many would agree that the second movie is loaded with far more objectionable material, yet the first movie gets the R rating.

Were it not for the use of “fuck” the first movie would probably be rated PG. The other movie boggles me as to why it is not rated R.

Someone gave these movies their rating. And that someone needs to seriously reevaluate his/her policies.

I didn’t read all those links.

If you think you can trick me with your lies you are seriously mistaken. There were no dragons to be slain with my saber :spin:

I can assure you things would probably worse if religion weren’t in these areas :spin:

(how would I know that’s what teh article was about if I didn’t read the articles) :eek:

yes, i sounded too apocaliptic , but i just read this thing and i was “impressed” , anyway its good that people are imformed of something that could be bad for us.

If I’m not mistaken those the second article is hosted on an atheistic site, the third one I have no clue why you brought up, and the first article was also written by the lady who also wrote this.

While reading these articles, they put the ‘Biblebelt’ in the same category as those religions that believe in all of your said topics.

“The dark side of faith” (1st link) was a pretty interesting read, I suggest other people read it :slight_smile:

ok, i though i was coming with an interesting new , but i see you all know it , and its “actually” not a problem, lets keep on blending ;D

I think 75% of the people who got internet watches porn, it’s not possible to block it all. There are millions of porn sites all over the net. And new things appear all the time. I wish too that porn could dissapear…I mean it’s just a waste of time. But I don’t think it’s possible, there are horny guys everywhere like [email protected] for instance. People like him will always find something to pleasure himself with…


Is this US only type of thing?

Cause the “tubes” in Europe is separated from the ones from USA.