NetRender master will only distribute to one slave

Hello everyone, I tried setting up a simple render farm with two desktops and one laptop, and for the most part the farm works. All of the slaves are connected according to the Slave Status in my render client, and the client also distributes the job to the master. This, however, is where my problem starts. The master file appears to only send the job to one of my slaves. This slave will then render the entire animation, but I’d like to use all three of my machines. Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue, or did I perhaps miss a step in setting up my settings for NetRender? I’d love to hear an answer.

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It might help if you share the settings you’re currently using.

First, sorry for posting this thread in the wrong place, and also thank you Fweeb for putting this in the right place :slight_smile: I’ve included some screenshots of the settings of my slave machines, my master settings, and my client settings.

Well, I found out what the problem was. In your client window you can set the chunk size, which is the amount of frames being sent to each of the slaves. I did a test render, but never with a job that had a size bigger than the chunk size, thus never sending more than one chunk. Hope this might help some people that had the same problem! And also sorry for being a dum dum '^^