Network at light speed

Little exercise for the Weekend Challenge “Network”, took about 2 hours to make, all done with Blender just a little bit of post-processing with Affinity Photo


Looks like stock image :rofl:

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thks dude :laughing:, in reality, nothing that crazy, just a simple image create in texture paint mode, which I project on a sphere, add a few light with different intensity, and curves with white emission material, play with bloom in Eevee and the job is done :grin:

the clay :

I wonder if that could be animated with geo node

Maybe, I’m not an expert in that, so if your interested of trying, I can leave you the .blend file

I won’t touch geo node until dev finalizes the design. Dev Recently switch to fields and lots of people are complaining. Also makes all prior tutorials obsolete. So I am waiting around and see

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