Hey guys, what’s up!

So, this is my new project, made with Blender. All modeling was done using Speed Flow, by Cédric Lepiller, the amazing Pitiwazou! The texture was don using Substance Painter, and for the render, Cycles. All the post-production and photo integration as done by my friend Milton Menezes. Original illustration by Josan Gonzalez

You can grab more details (and resolution) from my Artstation post

Hope you like it!


amazing work man !!!


Thanks mate! Glad you like it!

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You did a great job capturing the mood of Neuromancer. I started reading it a while back but didn’t finish. Now I feel a sudden urge to pick it up again. Anyway, that render should be on the cover!

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Stunning work Moco! Loved the colors.

Amazing, you even got the bandaid!

Amazing work!

Ahh speedflow “as you can see, it’s pretty nice” haha. Awesome addon and amazing render!


Stunning! Great looking render!

You’re #featured, enjoy!


amazing work! congrats!

Magnificent! :exploding_head:


Really awesome work! Quite impressive how you pushed it into photo-realism while still keeping it as close as possible to the illustration.
My only (absolute minor) criticism would be the clothing he wears are looking a little boring (too normal) compared to the cloth style in the illustration. But you made the cloth look absolutely awesome in terms of realism…how did you do that? You didn’t mentioned Marvelous Designer so you sculpted them?

Yay! Thanks a lot guys!

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Dude… this is amazing.

Man it is really hard to tell if the man is a photo or a 3d modell. Which I mean amazing it fits so seamlessly.

Just to clarify, it’s a merge of Photo and 3D. The human model is a photo, actually, is my friend, who did the post production of the image. Check my Artstation link for more information

All the hard surface work, including modeling, shading and lightning, was done with Blender. It’s a common practice in VFX industry, to merge real assets with CGi =)


The dudes a real person the helmet thing is what is 3d…the photo they used is right there. and the OP writes about photo integration in his description (his buddy did that part)

Really great job :wink:

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