Neuron Police Motorcycle - Astral Chain fanart

Today i’m showcasing my last personnal project made with Blender Eevee, Substance suite, Photoshop and Illustrator !

I wanted to combine all my modeling/texturing skills into one big project, I put all my heart into it !

I’m really happy of the result, especially for the texturing part for which I used 4 softwares in a professionnal pipeline

I made the Tires using Substance Designer which gave me a lot of versatility in the process

Same goes for the decals, I used Illustrator and added those in photoshop, following the substance painter pass

Thanks for reading ! You can follow my work on twitter ( ) and Artstation ( )

All the concept credits goes to Platinum Games and Nintendo, from the Astral Chain game for the Nintendo Switch


Awesome work ! :clap:
Keep going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks ! :blush:

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Very good work !

Very cool looking. Thanks for the breakdowns.

Edit: Not that the bike breaks down… you know what I mean :wink: