Never read "Thirsty" by MT Anderson.

I go to the library often. While I usually just look at movies, I’ll pick up a book or two sometimes. Recently, I decided to try out a “weird” title, called “Thirsty.” It’s a teenager novel about a teen who’s going through puberty, a crush, and everything else. But he has one rather unusual advancement in his body: His teeth are becoming fangs, and he has this unusual thirst for a substance thicker than water… blood, human blood. Yup, you guessed it: He’s becoming a vampire.

Now, soon, he’s aiding a man who claims to be from the “Forces Of Light” to destroy a vampire god, and in return, he’ll become human again. But he soon finds someone else claiming to be from the Forces Of Light, and he begins to doubt that he even has any help for his problem. In the end, he kills the vampire god and everything is good, right?

WRONG. Totally wrong. It turns out that the author, MT Anderson, is more interested in a downbeat ending than he is giving out deserved destinies, because it turns out that the second “Force Of Light” guy is wrong, the first one isn’t from there and was hired by the vampire god to kill him (“it gets very lonely in another dimension,” or some other smeg), that the main character’s best friend is dating his crush (though he really deserves nothing for fighting him), that he can’t be cured of vampirism, and that his family will kill him if they find out his secret.

What’s my problem with the book? Surely it’s a dark book and that should entertain me. I liked “Se7en,” after all, and that had a really dark ending, so why do I hate the ending of “Thirsty?” Because in “Se7en,” the fate given to Brad Pitt’s character is deserved for a reason I won’t tell you here (see the movie and you’ll understand). “Thirsty’s” main character does everything right (or at least it seems that way), and in the end he doesn’t deserve his fate. Sure, that’s life, but I don’t think a book about vampires really deserves to be real and gritty.

In the end, this is a depressing book that nobody should read, and the author should either learn what an appealing story has, or never write again. Or he could just get bitten by vampires.

My friend, I can see how you don’t like the book. However, everything you wrote seems to tell me that it’s a quality book. There is only one thing, in my opinion, that makes a book good: it stirs up emotions. If that emotion is happiness, anger, sadness, whatever, it shows that a book served its purpose, it had an affect on you. (Now indeed, there are plenty of other things that can make a book bad, but only one thing that can make it good).

My $.02.

No, no, no, no, NO. The book was made for teens, and teens are just looking for entertainment, not a super-dose of reality. If they wanted that, they wouldn’t be looking in the fiction section. There’s a reason people want to leave reality, and that’s because of how depressing it is. If people want to be entertained, they don’t want to find reality mixed in, especially if they’re reading about vampires. This book was actually pretty good until the ending, in which everything is just ruined by an author who thinks his audience will want some reality. No, we wanted to read about VAMPIRES. Geez.

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anyways, i usually get political books.

almost done with a book by ann coulter, next up is a book by larry elder.

Aawww man! Now you ruined it for me Cube! :slight_smile:

JK but seriously at least it doesn’t have a cliche ending.

Acutally, ruining it for you was part of the point. True, it doesn’t have a cliche-ending, but if it had an ending like in “Se7en,” then I’d forgive the writer for writing such an abysmal ending to an otherwise above-average book.

Really?! I AM a special case. :x I’m not like, “Wanna go out with a minor?” I’m quiet about it. Besides, it’s not a major crush.