New 2.8 UI is annoying

Did the devs think it was a good idea to replace the (admittedly confusing) UI of Blender, that people have been using for AGES, and flip it on its head while keeping it just as confusing, meaning now everyone has to relearn with the same learning curve as the first time. So I just downloaded the newest build of 2.8 because I heard that there was UI and Eevee overhaul. I am greeted with a too-bright default theme, and rounded corners which to me look very ugly. The object tab has been rotated 90 degrees, and to add salt to the wound, the material and object tabs are not in the same order as in 2.8 and are split up into tabs. There is no easy way to switch render engines at the top, as that has been removed, and rather then a drop-down menu there are tabs at the top. I decided to get into actually learning the new UI, but then, when I tried to search up bridge edge loops with space, guess what happened?


Also, the tabs on the left side have been completely removed, hope you didnt like one-click smooth shading or easy brush controls! The select controls are at the top of the screen, because if something works, change it! also the size of the select controls is like half of normal, and they are now monochrome, making it FAR harder to spot and change instantly. But apparently, extrude and a bunch of other functions did need colors that look like pastel.

Oh also, compositing mode no longer has a small image/uv view, because why would you want to see the image you are changing? Yet scripting needs a 3d view and image view, while compositing does not. Thats smart. What a genius move. /s

Render settings are now all over the place, where previously they were more condensed, which is, of course, a good idea, as now your user can do the same thing using THREE tabs instead of just one from before.

Oh, and the screen area at the bottom where there previously was the selection controls, the magnet controls, etc, has now been occupied by the INCREDIBLY USEFUL AND NOT AT ALL STUPID AND UNNECESSARY tool tips. Thank you, blender, for alerting me that I can right click to select. I didn’t know that. Its not like its the first thing I learned while using blender. Oh, and, just to REALLY be annoying, there is a bar at the top which VERY helpfully allows me to control the rotation of my 3d cursor, which is a feature I use ALL THE TIME (i have never once used that feature in 2.79 and i doubt i will in 2.8, so why is it given the same priority as switching from object to edit mode?)

The compositing menu, then:

It took me FAR to long to figure out how to switch from compositing the image to compositing materials. LET ME GIVE YOU A HINT:


The add and node keys are at the top, not the bottom. This is annoying and there is NO REASON to make this change. Seriously, no reason. It doesnt have improved ergonomics or ui, the only thing that change does is trip up older users. I am still PISSED the space menu is gone. SERIOUSLY. That thing was a life-saver in 2.79, and now its just not there. Why would it be gone? Did some intern just delete it and no-one noticed?

“Yeah, thats not important, the new UI is SOOOO streamlined no one will EVER want to search for a tool.”

Seriously, thats half the reason I dont just pirate maya or max: I love that space feature, it is so useful.

The other reason was that the old UI was easy, CLEARLY differntiated in seperate tabs, and infinitely customizable.

Oh and, whenever I drag something into the displacement node in the material editor, it thinks its a displacement modifier, not a bump map. IF I WANTED A DISPLACEMENT MODIFIER I WOULD USE ONE!
And get this: there is no way to make non-displacement the default. You are stuck tabbing down to settings to change the displacement settings.
And one last thing I want to get in: The fact that most of the UI is at the TOP instead of the bottom, and the fact that the object settings are now vertical, is espiecally annoying as someone who has an ultrawide monitor.

I will commend the new features of blender 2.8: They are VERY powerful, and Eevee is a blast to use and very helpful once you figure out how to use it and assuming you can look past the AWFUL new ui, especially in materials. The adaptive subsurface+displacement is very cool, and would be even cooler IF IT WASNT TURNED ON BY DEFAULT forcing you to turn it off. The new matcap looks really cool, and eevee and Cycles run beautifully on my new RTX 2070 (after I installed new cuda drivers). This new UI is just crap, i hate to say it. Its such a shame that the amazing features and software of 2.8 have to get ruined by a poor UI that was likely designed by an intern.

I wish I could just change one setting that makes the UI be identical to 2.79, but with the added features of 2.8. I don’t think that would be too hard to implement (corrrect me if i am wrong).

If I am just stupid and “dont get it”, please tell me, but to me this UI feels like a step back.


It seems like this post should start with ‘Dear diary,’

A couple quick things because I don’t have the time or desire to parse your whole rant:

There is a 2.7 keymap that helps a lot of you aren’t interested in change

By default, search is now on F3, but feel free to adjust your keymaps.


Totally agree. I’ve used Blender since 2.45 and went through the 2.5 “overhaul”, so I’m used to change, but this one is something else. It’s really just (in terms of UI, I’ll ignore the technical changes which I very much appreciate) 2.79 “scrambled eggs edition” with a number of questionable additions/ changes (why go from colored to monotone icons? Surely that doesn’t help finding the right icon. Why the superfluous Mickey Mouse buttons for common hotkey-actions instead of a toolbar? Why bind the all-access search-bar to F3 by default?). Not to say that I don’t appreciate the endeavor, though. After all, Blender always had some usability/ consistency issues contributing to the harsh learning-curve, but I’m not sure this is the way to go about it.


You should add your main complaints as feature/bug report to blender dev page. Make sure you are clear on the issues. And keep the list short if you can :slight_smile: There are already many bugs open


Tell us how you really feel :slight_smile:


I’m reminded of the posts from back in 2.5 era… yeah, it is different but yet again we have to keep saying it is a Work In Progress, not a finished product, and changes will still likely come as they find problems after the design changes are fully tested.

+1 for the 2.79 keymapping and interaction - that is something you need to do from the user prefs.


blender 2025 build your own UI and icons yourself and don’t bother the devs with requests ,seriously though this has been a major talk for months now and i don’t think any major changes will happen soon especially for those who used to 2.7x UI/keymap.
this rant only confirms that you guys were sleeping or not interested in the 2.8 project in the first place becaue all these were mentioned in every place you would think of…managing two UIs and icons sets is impossible a more reasonable approach would be like zbrush where you can move any button, tool, slide,menu…etc and assign your own hotkey this way no one will complain about anything period.


in zbrush the keymap for view control can’t be changed, that’s why I gived up learning that software.

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there is a plug-in that lets you change that ,it’s a bit expensive but does what you want, the default works well with Pen and tablet and just needs getting used to just like the UI but other than that zbrush is a very powerful/customizable program.

f3 didnt work to pull up the search menu, and even when I set the input to 2.7x in the user settings space still did the same thing as before.

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Hm, that is wrong, and should be fixed on the 2.7 keymap.

if you’d like to do it yourself:

This is just pure gold. And the caps… maan. Priceless.

I especially liked the part where displacement should act like bump, and not like, you know, displacement.


Having started to use 2.8, you will find that some of the initial frustration is not due to features being removed, but due to changes in how to access said features.

I’ll take the above as an example, there are WIP release logs on the wiki and you will find that the key for the search box is now F3.

Technically, the displacement in Cycles can be made to just add a bump effect through a setting in the material panel. For the thread owner; the displacement output is now used to actually displace by default because most people now just use the bump node and the shader node normal inputs.

Yup, fast and easy to handle (Bump is already the default setting) > simply plug a texture bump map (or color via RGB to BW) to Displacement

Such a passive-aggressive nonsensical rant, the UI is massively improved and streamlined, get used to it.


I knew a plug-in that can remap the zbrush view control to the maya view control, but also that one is expensive.

I agree with you that zbrush is a powerful program, maybe I should try it with my tablet.

You mean navigate the zbrush viewport?
Afaik that plugin is free.

naah, there are always some users who want to live in stoneage and never move to future. Blender 2.8 has way better UI than any previous version. No one prevents to use 2.79 forever.

I don’t get it. Space is there, I’ve only installed and I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anything…

Cmd-F for the typical menu…


Also, ctrl ALT u to open settings is not working any more…