new 2 games :::::: rayman and dance race




i’m a 16 years old boy from the middle east ( jordan) …

Yes! Fast download on 5.9 Kb/…

Do all games are nice!

:smiley: Nice. Lol, but I think Rayman’s hands are backwards. His boots were textured really nicely, hehe found myself staring at it the whole time.

Good work. :wink: You’re pumping out more games than many of us here, hehe. I guess we’re going way too complex.

Jason Lin

Middle East eh ? You wouldn’t have happen to come across the happytest I made, had you :smiley:

Great games, by the way, you capture a console feel toward these games, simple, yet entertaining. I would like to see rayman extended however and some affects for the after burners would be nice as well.

Well, good games, I thought rayman was supposed to run around, although I haven’t played any rayman games for more than 5 minutes.

Also, why did you state your age and where you lived? I didn’t really see how that related to anything.

thank you all … but some of you uses hard phrases for me to understand :o

i have mentioned my age to show how far i am proud of my self but not jelious

i have mentioned my site of living to indicate that my english language is too bad %|

At least we can understand what you’re trying to say :smiley:
Unlike a certain pizdec… :-?