New 3d model search engine

(Alex Birdman) #21

Ok, we’ll do something like that. Thank you. =)

(Alex Birdman) #22

Yes, it’s already in our index waiting list. We’ll index it for sure, but don’t know exactly when… =)

(Alex Birdman) #23

Good news!

We have reached 2 million 3d models in the index of our search engine.

The total amount of models can be viewed on the main page


(unkerjay) #24

Some free listings aren’t:

This showed up as free. It’s not: (Search “Pendant”, Checked “Free”)

Also there’s thingiverse free and “Please subscribe to download” free.

Please make a distinction.

(Of course, searches for Openscad or Thingiverse help)

Free - brings up GrabCAD which is of the “Please subscribe” variety.

(unkerjay) #25

Might also be nice to have some filetype filters, SKP, DAE, STL, OBJ, etc.

(unkerjay) #26

I’ve also noticed, at least on my system, that not all items have photos.

Maybe that’s just my system. If not, could be click bait.

(unkerjay) #27

Might be nice to have a distinction between printable models and design (but not printable) models.

Example: Search: chinese good luck charm

This is a textured model.

This is a printable model:

Maybe it’s possible to print the textured model.

There’s certainly a clear distinction between the printable and
the textured model in their readiness for printing as opposed to
perhaps, requiring extra work or special considerations before
submission for printing (such as for color models).

(unkerjay) #28

I notice too, that, if I search for, for example “math art” at thingiverse,
the results and the filters are more varied than they are at your site.

Not a criticism, as I know your site is a work in progress.

More of an observation.

(mavillar) #29

@unkerjay, take a look at his website.

It’s anther 3d model search engine and maybe do what you want:

For sure, it will help!

(Alex Birdman) #30

Accelerating 3d models search engine. Evolution.

We have improved the characteristics of our search engine.
We have become faster!
Now the average server response time for user search pages is 210-300ms - 250ms - 300ms - 210ms

We became faster, but the same good

(artell) #31

Nice! Sketchfab? Blendermarket?

(unkerjay) #32

After having saved the changes and refreshed the browser. Chrome / Firefox.

Nice that they have the option.

Too bad it doesn’t work (for me anyways).

I’m using Linux Mint 18.1. Don’t know if that matters.

(John Lancaster) #33

Start of something beautiful here.

(Alex Birdman) #34

lucky, thanks for advice

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our twitter - @3dmdb

(Alex Birdman) #36

Hooray!!! We indexed evermotion

Now you can search for evermotion’s 3d models directly from 3dmdb search page. It is convenient and saves time. Just select one from the drop-down list of stores

Direct link to 3dmdb’s search page is

(Alex Birdman) #37

We’ve made a registration for 3D graphic artists:

You can add links to your models and they will appear in our Search results page. We are not a shop or a store - we are 3d model aggregator!
Your interest - more traffic to your models. Our interest - a number of links in our database.

(Alex Birdman) #38

We have reached 3000000 models in our 3d Model Database index!!!

(Alex Birdman) #39

Great news!

Now the best 3d models you can find in our official Instagram account

Would you like to become a part of our Instagram? Follow us, sign in on and add your best models.

(Alex Birdman) #40

Check it out – there are almost 5 000 of 3d models of Mercedes Benz in our search engine!
Today offers the biggest choice of the 3d models!