New Action greyed out, dope sheet full

Hi there,
I was asked to tweak an animation in an fbx file, after some converting I got the armature in blender. However the animation seems to be in the dope sheet instead of being in the action editor. And the “new” button in the action editor is greyed out.

I’d love to be able to export an action into an fbx, but it usually is in the action editor. The armature is from an Ooze monster in Unity. And we wanted to have its location translation done in Unity and not in the animation itself, so I deleted the y translation in F-Curve editor.

Any ideas as to why the "new"button in the action editor is greyed out?

OozeWalk.blend (599 KB)

The problem here is that you have no active object.

The “Action Editor” operates on the action assigned to the “object-level” animation data on the active object. With no active object, of course it refuses to do anything!

Some other issues you’ll run into with this file relate to the fact that most of the animation seems to be split between several different empties.

Darn :slight_smile:
Thanks for the explanation, I’ll go tell the client to get some tissues for his ooze.