new add node feature

One of the things that always bugged me about adding a new node to the editor was the way the new node always ended up where the mouse was in the menu when you selected the node instead of where the mouse was when you hit rmb or spacebar… then, at best, you would always have to drag the new node to where you wanted it in the first place. The worst case would be if the menu went outside of the editor window boundaries…the new node wouldn’t even be visible in the editor window.

I made a suggestion at .org and… :eek: it actually got committed! :cool:

Now ( svn revision >13824 ) if you rmb or spacebar with your mouse to add a node, the new node will actually appear where you wanted it in the first place…


Thank you, :yes: thank you, :yes: thank you. :yes:
I’d just started using nodes, and that was quickly becoming a pet peeve. Now it’s gone!
We should have a hall of fame for people who actually give the devs good suggestions instead of the endless carping on how the GUI should look like Maya’s or Max’s. You’d be in it. :smiley: