New Ai Addon Text To 3D Model

I made this blender addon Addon link that uses the new shap-e text to 3D model inside blender and add it new features

  • Text to 3D: Enter any text prompt and let Shape-e generate a corresponding 3D model. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Prompt batch: Create a list of prompts and generate them with one click entire asset Packs in minuts
  • Batch Creation: Need multiple models? No problem! Shape-e can generate a batch of models based on your prompts.
  • Seeded Randomization: Ensure unique results every time with customizable random seed generation.
  • Guidance Scale Control: Have control over the creative process with the ability to adjust the guidance scale.

how much vram do i need?

Based on the model quality in the screenshot, i’d say 512KB should be sufficient.

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dude ! you have to enable paypal on gumroad , otherwise i cannot pay.

i use a rtx 2060 witch has 6 gb vram and it runs well

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whats with the price jumping … 1st day it was 10$ , yesterday it was 3$ , today its 58$ , thats a bit much

i was checking at prices to see what people will be willing to pay for I’ll put it down for you

thanx for 10$ its a steal imo. but i dont have a creditcard , i can only pay with paypal on gumroad . you have to specifically enable paypal payments in your gumroad profile. otherwise the option isnt shown to potential buyers

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just set up PayPal let me know if you have any questions about the addon

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those assets were generated for a RPG game they are on point is almost an entire village and some magical items

@ElioOnPC hi i very interested in this addon and wanted ask if it would work on linux? if yes how would i do this , can you write or show tutorial ? :pray: :vulcan_salute:

i have never tested it on a linux machine but i guess as long as you have a GPU and installed drivers, i had other users used it on apple silicon chip.

Sorry, but it’s very bad quality on both models toplogy and textures.
Also as whole meshes, this can’t benefit from optimisation like re used materials or modular assets.

Would fit illustration or stylized surrealist shapes, but not as game assets.


yes and no by using mesh modifiers you can clean up really well the models and get read of the resolution and for the texture you can use other AI like model to create the textures for example

good job I will try it tomorrow

Very simple objects like in your last video why not, organic objects like rocks it works, but for hard surface complex assets like outdoor structures, it will only suit stylized and approximative graphics.

For bigger and complex assets it would be too much work to fix the models like in the image :

  • retoplogy, meshes are too much approximative
  • fix polygons and toplogy issues
  • redo UV for new model
  • repaint using better materials
    Better make precise the assets from scratch.

Just my take on the tool, it’s weird some Blender users would use it for such quality,
as many know how to create modular assets or use geometry nodes.

i agree on that for game development it is gold that’s my personal opinion like i mention i created lots of asset packs using it for games am working on i beardly any time and if i want to make a render i can use a control net for depth and this addon to create amazing renders for example

Instead of using AI to create a bad mesh that looks like a sword made of melting wax - that requires a lot of time and skill to “fix”… one would be better off just modeling the sword, as it takes less time and less skill.


you see thorn the mesh looks like that because it is being perceived with the material view actually after remeshing the models the topology ends up being really good what will take you lets say 10 hours to make lets say 50 different swords that you can use in game asset pack it will take this ai to do in 10 minutes ain’t nobody got time for that

Game developpers user modular weapon parts , using few they can combine to have thousand weapons varying parts, textures and effects, while some solo developpers will just reduce the game scope and produce less weapons but very different gameplay for each.
Otherwise a game studio will make the weapons they need as they have dedicaced 3D artists for that task.
Better learn Geometry nodes, and you can have control on generated weapons and generated thousand in some clicks also.