new Aligner v0.8 script for 2.49

I thought I would post a script that is useful on its own, but can also serve as a discussion point for scripts in 2.5. This script is based on Vertex Align (by Sammler Rene).

This script allows you to mark a position to align to, and then move all selected vertices, objects and/or curve points to that position in the X, Y, and/or Z dimensions. Aligning in all 3 dimensions would effectively place the aligned point on top of the marked point in 3D space.

You can also align an entire object based on an arbitrary vertex or curve point within it (instead of using the object center). This effectively aligns the vertex (or curve point) and moves the rest of the object along with it.

So maybe take a break from 2.5 and have a look. I think that for some functionality (stuff with a definite flow, with prerequisites), this step by step approach to presenting complex scripts could save us modelers a good deal of time (coding standards perhaps?). In addition, the script works on a number of data types at once – so one tool works on a number of constructs within blender. I wonder if the 2.5 API will make such functionality easier (look at the hoops I had to jump through)?

A little bump – updated with the new link…