new Animation

my new custom work for DrasTrakzmusic…

unfortunatley I’m dissapointed with the artofficial specs that appeared after the render :frowning:
but I was running out of time :frowning:
If somebody might now how to avoid those for the future I would be really happy!!!

very appealing! I like it.

When you say the “specs” are you referring to the glittering effect along the inside edge of the outer bar? I’ve seen that frequently whenever the texture or reflections or NOR or physical size of the mesh approaches the resolution size of a pixel. I assume that it is some sort of aliasing. I’ve tried motion blurr rendering and it reduces the effect. Here you may benefit from using edge split along those seams but part of the problem may be that there are so many tiny reflections along that tight edge curve that what blender is showing you is “real”. To get around that you may want to turn down glossy just a bit and if you have the time, you may want to explore a separate reflection pass.

Hi walshlg! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately motion blur wouldn’t fit well with the DOF… Thats why I immediately tested your idea with the edge split modifier (didn’t used that before…) - and that was gold!!! Thank you much for that!

EDIT: I messed up with uploading the pictures :frowning: didn’t knew that I only could upload Three per post and the ones I deleted also show up although I deleleted them :frowning: check please the next post :slight_smile:


especially on the lower edge of the outer bar, near the ground I find it had done good work!

That’s great, I’m glad that I could be helpful. I still wonder what is the culprit here, probably subsurf and smooth.

You image looks great. You are having some alias issues however. Try upping the anti-aliasing passes and see if your edges don’t smooth out.

@walshlg Beside the improvement done with the edge split, I think the remaining ‘specs’ are impossible to avoid without the loss of some of the nice reflexion effects that work good. So I got the choice, either no specs but also no nice reflections or a cleaned up but boring surface…
have to tweak something in between those… :slight_smile:

@tommywright Thanks! but I believe you mean cycles renderer i guess… but unfortunatley its internal renderer :frowning:
or did I get you wrong?

@tommywright I just rendered it with 16 instead of 8 anti aliasing samples in the old renderer… it eventual moved some relections but not the specs :frowning: