New Armature Tutorial

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On my Poll 10 is the highest

I decided to write my first tutorial ( I wrote it in reply on a Question and Answer forum only to find that wasn’t the persons problem :slight_smile: lol

I realy hope you find it helpfull, and even if you know all there is about armatures and animating, Please reply with what you think about it. I would like to know if this confuses people or helps…Whatever I can change to make it better I’ll probably do so please tell me what you think.

The link is: (copy and paste)

or click here

Armature Tutorial

Please Check out my site and look at my works too :slight_smile:

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very good…though i think it would be alot more helpful if u had an exmaple model to use and pictures, must must have pictures =\ they help alot more

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Ok…I’ll start on those soon

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I finished the pictures for the setting it up and will probably start on the pictures for the animation section soon…Thanks for the advice Imagrandpaboy. I think the pictures make it easier to understand and improved the looks of it incredibly! If anything was unclear or confusing or just not good, Please tell me and I will change it (BTW, is your rating still a 6 Imagrandpaboy, or do you think the pictures are worth 1 more point :smiley: )

(kino) #5

good tut
use arial, Helvetica #e5e5e5 fonts color or similar for better read imho



(TurboG) #6

I’m greatful for that advice, but I liked the Comic Sans white mix better…Sry

(TorQ) #7

I agree, use a font that is easier on the eyes. People will be more likely to read through to the end!

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Looks pretty good, maybe make a pdf version. That way it’s easier to keep so people won’t have to go hunting for it when they want it :slight_smile:

  1. pofo

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Ok…I’ll see what I can do about the Font…and I’ll try to make it PDF by tomorrow.

(kino) #10

for pdf you can use it’s free