New attack ship!

I was super bored today, so i made a new ship, i think its cool.

it is for low-ground attack and troop support.

Working on landing gear and a few more weapons. Made the textures too![/img]

Very cool! I’m assuming you UV maped the textures? What’d you make the textures with? Photoshop/Gimp/etc? The glass for the cockpit is excellent. I’ve never quite been able to get my glass quite right, but you seem to have got it. It’d be cool to see it in an anim.


nope, no uvtextures…

Just regular texture mapping…

Tweaked and tweaked, and hidden seams.


WOW! Only regular texture mapping? Very nice indeed then.

Only suggestion would be to give the panels a little bit more NOR value to make them stand out a bit more. Other than that, exceptional work.


Yeah, the only suggestion I would have is to give a better bumpmap and get the color of your specularity to look more natural. Great modeling and texturing!

Runawaaaaaay,runawaaaaaay,same here,add some nor value,but still its too cool,flying shooting things are fun.great modelling 8)


hey Nayman,
that is one cool ship you got there…!!

would be cool to see it in action !

awesome ship!

my only comment is about the point where the engine and the body touch eachother. somehow I cant really see what’s going on there.DO they touch? maybe it’s a lighting/camera angle problem though
or maybe you need to make some kind of obvious border.


Cool! Would love to see it from some other angles! Except for the stuff almost every one else has written (with normals and stuff) I think that the colors on the missiles makes me think of pencils, with that little black end. Great model anyway!