New BGE Video Tutorial Series (1080p on YouTube) for Beginners

Hi All,

I just started a new Blender Game Engine video tutorial series for beginners and I thought I’d share it here.

My name is Colin and my YouTube channel is BornCG:

I’m a high school computer science and digital media production teacher, and I’ve been teaching Blender for 7 years to kids as young as 10 years old. My new BGE ‘Basics’ tutorial series is made for the complete beginner who wants to break into the game engine, but doesn’t know any Python. In this series I’ll be covering how to make many of the elements of games (FPS mouse-look setup, character movement, screens, buttons, levels, integrating animation, collecting objects and keeping score, creating a HUD overlay, etc), and then I’ll move onto how to make your games look good, and will finish off the series by making a few mini-games start-to-finish.

Please check out the first video in this series here:

And the tutorial series playlist here:

Colin (BornCG)

Hi all, I’ve uploaded BGE tutorials #4 & #5, including how to create different game screens and clickable on-screen buttons.

The BGE tutorial series playlist is here:…Ct8zDCyAenOG6i

Just wanted to say that you are doing a great job with these tutorials. Sure they are helping a lot of people!