New Blender / 3D modeling user


I’m a new Blender / 3D artist. I’m using Blender 2.8. I’m modeling a Honda Civic. I noticed that when I do subsurface modeling, I get “bumps” on my model. Any idea how I can fix it?

I don’t have any doubles. I went into edit mode, vertices, selected all, and did merge by distance, and it showed 0 vertices merged. I’m assuming that means, I don’t have any doubles.

Also, any tips for 3D modeling in general would be appreciated. I’m learning by watching YouTube.

Please click on the link below to see picture and my blender file.

Sure would be nice to get help :slight_smile:

Shift N to recalculate normals.

Im new to blender so i could be wayy wrong, but i opened your file, whent to edit mode and recalaulted the outside normals and it seamed to fix it.

{EDIT - ADDED IMAGE} @Tony_Tech1
You can see how they are mixed by selecting: “Face Orientation”

@SidewaysUpJoe and @Koumis

Thank you for the suggestions. It’s smooth now. This is weird, but I already recalculated normals when I posted this topic. But now, its working all the sudden. I didn’t make any changes to model.

Thanks for this tip about face orientation to see the normals. So the inside of my car is all red, and all blue outside. Thanks again.

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