New blender cycles x is slow for me

i have installed the latest 3.0 blender version but the render time is longer instead of being reduce can anyone help

rendered in 2.93.2 =

rendered in 3.0 =

i am using rtx3090 with ryzen5950x

The new shadow catcher is MUCH slower than the old one because it includes indirect lighting.

Also old settings do not translate 1:1 with Cycles X, like noise threshold values, Cycles X might be slower because it is cleaner.

hi, i dont recommend to use hybrid rendering, in certain gpu=cpu it doesnt really improve the render speed, but instead gives some burden to the cpu, if the gpu memory is too full, but i dont know tbh, also i think is not yet optimized for cycles x (or it works better with intel processors i dont know, or is indeed already available to use hybrid rendering, but you gotta do more considerable tests)
also your samples amount is too high for such simpler render and textures, reduce it to between 200-500 samples
also remember optix in your RTX card can be more faster than cuda most of times, try both optix and OID
also whats your render size, 2048? i think will be not visible too much the difference with the half of that size (1024 x 1024) well unless you really need that size is OK…