New blender, old Fox.blend

Hi all.
Had fun a few years back by using the 20th Century Logo animation by Matt Hoecker
Had a new one to do for a girl who has just been accepted into the TV ad industry to congratulate her in her new job.
Put in the new version of Blender - 2.93.0 (the old one crashed in the new Linux Ubuntu 20.04).
Changed the words and rendered.
Every png is an orange object and no background.
Any ideas?

Unfortunately I believe that means the JPGs were not packed into the blend file and you’ll have to re-make them or track them down again if they were textures from the internet, however we could all use more information.

Could you post a screenshot of the problem, and do you still have access to the original JPGs?

Thanks for getting back.

There are no actual “original” png’s as they’re rendered from the “.blend” file.
I can (hopefully) attach the blend file and one output jpg…
If only I knew how to…
Aah! I’m a new member, so I cant…
So, how about…
The blend file (note tat the background is also missing when imported into the new Blender).

and a sample of one of the images:

I have been trying the tutorial, but it uses the old blender, and what I get on screen is nothing like the tutorial.
Bit stuck really…

I’ve now tried several blends, and they all produce the same orange wash colour with no background.