New Blender project "Slug Wars"

I’ve started work on a Open Movie (Short film) Called Slug Wars - aka Blade Bender.

Progress :
Script done.
Storyborads/Animatic started.
4 Character models almost done.
3 Sets modeled.

This is a small project open for anyone to join. I know a lot of projects come and go but this is not one of them. I’ve spent to much money on machines for the project to just disappear. This is a fun project with no pressure, so come on over and see if you can help out !

If anyone is interested, come take a look ! here.


website :

Good luck! I hope, if you manage to finish it, that it will fly under the radars of Fox and Lucas.

The script is very ambitious, but aim for the stars and maybe you’ll get halfway. :^)

I’ve been in the industry for a while now, I know what to expect. But yes I understand the problems of finishing such a project. Hey if you dont try, you’ll never do anything. :slight_smile:

I’ve even put the effort into a full render farm softwere package. Which I will release as a package soon (open source).

I have a background in XSI, 3ds max and lightwave. and now I’ve been using Blender for about one year…But I’ve never done any project for myself, just for the fun of it.

Thanks for the Good Luck. I might need it.

Slug Wars
Open Movie

This is a fan based short film made using open source software. Its contents will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License. Anyone can contribute as long as they agree with this license.

Join Bender and his crew as they travel across the wide expance of space, Loot’n Stuff. Benders love of taking things, gets the better of him as his crew stumble on a lifeless space station. Bender and Zoidberg search the dark corridors for anything not bolted down. But somethings hiding in the shadows… Will they make it out alive ! Well YES, it is a movie.