New Blender User Getting System Error

This is the first time I’ve ever used any 3d rendering programs. I just finished creating my first image in Blender. I was following the instructions of a tutorial from the Blender website and was trying to render my image out as a jpeg. But everytime I try it brings up a window saying that Blender.exe has encountered an error and must close. Then the program shuts itself down. I can open it again immediately and even bring back the file with nothing lost, but I can’t render the image out which kinda takes away the point of the program. Does anyone have any solutions for me?

In renderbuttons (F10) there’s an option (I forget the exact name) to either render in a seperate window or in the 3D view - try changing it to the other one and see if it still crashes.

I found the option, its Disp View/Disp Win…I changed it and it worked. The program didn’t crash and it rendered my image. Thank you very much for the help.