New Box

Finally got 'er done. I know it isn’t cutting edge but it works for me. Parts from About $1400 US

Asus A8N-sli deluxe mobo
AMD Opteron 175 (Denmark) Dual Core 64bit cpu
2 gigs Corsair ram
540 gigs of sata and IDE HD storage
7900gto 512 ram nvidia video
Audigy2 zs platinum sound
multi-mode chip card and floppy drive
2 dvd rw multi x roms
thermaltake full tower (black)
multi-mode lan-modem interface

and best of all - Ubuntu Linux


I hope your running Dapper on it though. Edgy seems to have some major problems.

Yep, Dapper it is with three kernals. Just love it. I made the switch from Red Hat, which I have been using for almost ten years to Ubuntu with this box. Life seems sooo much easier now.