New but not totally, any help here?

I found this site after I just found blender. I am not new to 3d, not great at it either though. I know most media programs out there like after effects and all others, maya, cinema 4d and 3ds so blender is finally coming easy. I work in art department at a news station and I am looking for a community to help me out with blender questions. I found it since we have no budget for something like cinema 4d right now so I gotta learn the free stuff.

What im trying to create today is our WIS TV logo (which I did already) and a background plane which is our sky line and then have a sun rise for our Saturday Morning Sunrise news animation. I am at the beginning and got the logo, plane and a sun rising already but dont know how to add the skyline image. Im guessing what I want to do is cut the sky part out and leave the buildings, have the sky plane behind that and buildings in front of it and have the sun come from behind the buildings till its in high noon position with the logo but not sure the best way to do that…

Can anyone help out? I am still trying to figure out how to even map the skyline image to the first plane. Here is my project file as well :

Thanks in advance you guys!

Hey Welcome on board!

Regarding your banner - you are right on the ball in using a plane with a uv-map on the background. I can do it in my sleep it’s that easy . . . you may wish to read up on some tutorials on it!

And yeah - regarding other “money expensive software” - you don’t need that software. Blender is the best!