New Chaos Group Additional procedural noises

Today on Chaos Group:

With the flow versions I believe we could be able to produce seamless noise on UV-maps by modulating unused z coordinate with some function of flow. At least I believe this is the same as I had ages ago which had a “4D” toggle on many generators. Used with 3D coordinates input on a cut in half sphere, the texture would “evolve” without having to move through the sphere. It’s a good alternative (or addition) to having repeat (0-1) settings for xyz.

But, we can only wish. Missing cycles voronoi metrics, hard to use musgrave, untileable in UV ranges, gabor only in OSL (iirc), voronoise, and now alligator noise (never seen it before) seem to not be priority.

Not yet analysed but may be, must be corrected with Blender…Thks.

I think Michel J. Anders (varkenvarken) had already ported some of the original code from Stefan Gustavson’s to OSL… Anyway, it’s allways good to see different approaches in terms of coding, like using the arrays instead of loops! Must test them to see which perform faster! :slight_smile: