New Character for maybe animation

there is an other try of making a character.
Last time i tried to make Joan of arc after the 3d max tutorial.

Now i am trying my own character but a male:

I tried to make something of the style of solid snake from MGS3.

I know it really dosn’t look like solid snake but that is not a big problem compaire to the thing i made.
I actually used the same was as joan of arc and i don’t think it was a good idea.

does anyone have a man tutorial.
i had one but the lik is broken :frowning:

I still didn’t find a tutorial for a man head but i just modified the last one.
I deleted some stuff and added some others.
i tried to make it look more dangerous.

C&C are welcome

Nice model, but:
It looks more like a woman’s face to me. Especially the latter one. Just imagine that face with a few more wrinkles, white hair in a shor ponytail, and a hand holding a wooden spoon! Instant Ms. Upperbum! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve got a few triangle around the mouth, where the crease comes down from the nose. These are easy to fix in your model by not joining the loops as they travel around the mouth. If you want to animate him, those tris are in critical positions and might cause problems.

One thing I notice immediately is he has no cheek bones and his eyes seem too high in his head (for a human).

The best way to model a face if you’re unsure is to trace something. Torq’s Elysiun tutorial “A better face tutorial”
is a good place to start. Read a lot of that thread before asking questions because most have been asked and answered in there.

you have a few things off a tad on anatomy… the one I notice most is that he has no jawbone area… his chin just meets with the back of his head kinda even tho there is a joint in between… like the guy before me eyes on any human head are one half of the way between the chin and the top, this is gotten wrong very very much and it can make pictures look odd… these next bits are just personal opinion but I think his head is extraordinarily long… and his chin seems rather unpronounced, like it goes straight down instead of out a little bit… and it looks like there is very little room between the neck and the chin… the modeling looks like it’s really good quality, but if you looked up say human profile on google or just anatomy you could see the proportions…

ok thank you everyone.
So i think I am going to ferget this modle and restart a new one.

It looks more like a woman’s face to me.

that might be because i used the same way as joan of arc was made and I didn’t have a good background picture.

thanks you AndyD and way2lazy2ca for your help i’ll try to look at this when i will be making the new one


I was trying to find a good picture of the front of solid snake but i couldn’t find anything and for the side view there is nearly no chance.

does any one know any website where you can find good pictures to use as background. front and side view would be even better.

One other thing, if you’re starting over, is to start as simply as possible and keep to a minimum number of loops as long as you can.

If you can get a good shape with nice proportions with very few loops then you can add loops as required later for detail and/or animation. The big advantage of doing this is that adjustments, large or small, are easy when you only have to select one or two polys but even relatively minor adjustments can be painful when you have detailed loops running everywhere.

Leave the eyelids and lips simple until everything else is pretty much finished. Then you can focus on these complex parts without worrying about them getting messed up later on.

Switch from solid to subsurf(optimal) and back as you go. Making adjustments with subsurf>optimal turned on can be frustrating and some unfathomable deformities are often easily cured by working specific points in solid mode.

first, you don’t need pictures of solid snake, just someone with a similar head size and you can madel based off that to get an idea and just add details here and there when ur done to make it look like snake. Also I have no idea what loops are or how to use them… can u give a link to a tutorial cuz i think it would REALLY help in a bunch of my models… I think it’s something like subdividing on a curve right? idk :S

ok thanks you both.
I’ll start this today if I have time.

Just one question; does anyone use subdivision modeling?
-(you know, starting with a cube or something then adding edgeloops and extruding) I’m just curious and didn’t wanna start a thread over it:)

Yeh, for more simple things. Chairs and tables and such. I find it hard to model a human face from a box though.

i started it today please tell me what you think about it.

I only have the main line like the tutorial that AndyD gave me.

A solid start, way to go!

Very good for a beginer project. Add more edgeloops around the mouth for better animation later and easier animation as well. I’d also fix the neck and chin. They seem very connected, almost like the chin is being sucked in by the neck. Keep it going. You’re doing an excellent job.

how many polys is this model?
it look good but i think the lips are a little to far out.

Looking much better, nice and clean loops. Each main feature has a good shape.

The head still looks long (especially the distance between mouth and nose) and the cheeks a little flat. Remember to keep turning it side-on and make sure things project forward and backward as required.

Because you’ve kept it simple you’ll probably find it quite easy to push the chin and mouth up a little if you want to (Although, you might actually want a long face?)

Just make sure when you add the forehead and cranium that you go high enough to leave the eyes about centre between chin and top of head.

thanks all of you for your help

here is a small update:

I made some changes everywhere.
but I just realized that the nose is a bit to thin.

Gets better every time.

The pointy chin and bottom lip will need looking at but you may need to add an extra loop close to the central loop so you can flatten the join a little. This will also smooth out a bit when you finally join the meshes.

The top lip would notrmally stick out further than the bottom lip but overall I think the shapes and proportions are believable if not “standard”. Most minor details can be dealt with when you get to adding extra loops for tweaking.

Looking forward to seeing eyelids :slight_smile:

you might want to try out the CVS version of Blender, there is a mirror modifier which is nicer to work with than instanced duplicates. And it automatically will join the too meshes together and when working with the two sides the seam can be “merged” so you can’t see it! Its great to work with!