new character ..maybe?..

I’m still fairly new to blender and been just modeling and haven’t even really touched mats except to add color to stuff. anyways, here’s a wip i started tonight. wonderin if anyone had any suggestions for modeling the lips and eye sockets?[/img]

Some wires would be nice:)

looking good, wires plz .

here are some wires.
i decided to use faceloop cuts to make the necessary edges for the mouth. a little more tweaking and i think i can get it looking better. this is a different character than the one i started a few weeks ago, this one is using subsurf modeling. the other high poly cause i started with 32vert spheres and subdivided and smoothed lots. not such a good idea. :slight_smile:

Without subsurf, if you don’t mind %|

here are the unsubbed wires.

looks good keep up the nice work