New character wip

New character im working on nothing special, still lots to be done.

I have never rigged anything in blender before so i think i am going to try it with this guy, wish me luck:D


Looks like a fun character, I see you like big goggles!

I want to make some of the blocks in the wall look as if they are crumbling away, should i use textures or should i model all the cracks and broken chunks?


Isn’t there a script for that kind of stuff?
I like the colours, only thing slightly bothering me is the red of the face thingie, it seems too bright in contrast to your other colours.

yea the red is just a placeholder till i get it textured, im still playing around with all the textures.

but a wall crumbling script you say:D that would be awesome

I dunno if it (still) exists. Just remember there used to be a script or something, but it might be my mind makin me remember things incorrectly (wouldn’t be the first time :stuck_out_tongue: ) I thought it was on the python section of blenderartists, but maybe somebody else knows about it

edit: dunno if this was the script I was thinking about, but it was the first that popped up after a google search: it seems more oriented on animation though

There is an addon already in 2.5 that will produce fractures , and even explode the chunks for you

so I remembered correctly, well atleast partly :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the heads up walshg!