new character

I am working on a new character, but i have many problems with the hair’s cut!
I try hard to do one with beast, but it was a vain action!
Don’t look at the skirt, it’s not a perfect work!

john lennon old ?

No! Absolutly not John Lenon, i will never do that offence to him!

Bourvil, perhaps ?

excellent character. I think the beast hair looks good.

Keep it up. It looks great.

I don’t want to see this one die, like I’ve seen so many people’s and mine do.

I really hope you carry through to your vision.

It’ s not beast, but fiber!
And it’ s not a “bourvil” like! (perhaps “Rufus”) :smiley:
I would give him much personnality!

maybe you can like somethig like this made with beast…i can share alpha map and settings if it is usefull.


uaip po mal gaban !!!
po mal du tout !!!

why don’t u post on the ng ?
it would be great to hear a little from u !

great job ! really nice !


looks REALLY good!! i like it alot!