New Character

Hello BlenderArtists, i´m starting a new cartoon character and I woud like to hear from you how can I make the texturing and maybe the topology a little better…


Nice! Much better and further than i am in blender! good work though i think the area between the legs (crotch) is a bit wide make it a little thinner also his hips make him look a little like a woman if you ask me but otherwise it’s great for a cartoon character but that is just my opinion =) try making the crotch area smaller and it might look better goodluck!

Thx, Dagon, I must take a time to start texturing the men…

Hello friends, I´m finish with this character now get into the animations…!!!


It is a very nice character! But i think the realistic texture on the pants does not blend well together with the cartoony look

Thank you for your comment…!!!