New Contest! Weekend Challenge #1 (17 May 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Woohoo! The “Weekend Challenge” contest series has begun! :smiley:

The Weekend Challenge is a new weekly contest, with a simple premise: make a cool image based on the nominated theme, in just 4 days over the weekend. To keep things simple, there are no restrictions covering how the image is made. Anything goes.

There is a prize. Kind of… The winner, decided by a poll, gets to choose the theme for the next contest, from which they are excluded. Tempting, huh? :wink:

The are few rules in this contest, applying mainly to the format of the entry (in short: JPEG, any dimensions, less than 250kB file size), the entry submission process (in short: post a link and description in this thread), and the judging process (in short: a poll). A comprehensive list will be posted here soon (hopefully, before the entries start), but this should be enough to get you started. (I ran out of time, and didn’t want to postpone the start of the contest)

Well, it’s way past my bedtime, so instead of rambling incoherently, I’ll just get on with announcing the innaugural theme…

Theme #1 for 17 May 2002 is: contact
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 20 May 2002.

Have fun!

(BgDM) #2

Alrighty then. Here is my entry for this challenge. I wasn’t sure about post pro on the images. I only added the gradient and the text in PS. Nothing else.

Used strubi’s Z-blur plug in for the DOF, (after a f&#king hour of playing with it :x )

Anyway, here is the link, (cut and paste it):

Won’t have time to tweak it or make it any better over the weekend. So bash it all you want.


(acasto) #3

Great, I’ll get started. Are you going to ask goofster to post this to the contest thread?

(blengine) #4

Started on the toilet, as every peice of art does…pencil, paper, gasious aroma… the makings for creativity…
i call it…“contact”(haha very original title indeed!) :wink:

The bg blurring was done in photoshop, as well as the text

good luck to everyone…im interested in seeing alot of different interpretations of the theme…

thanks to BgDM for the sweat idea!

(ectizen) #5

I’m working on it :slight_smile:
Eventually, I’ll have everything sorted out, and this will be a much smoother event. For now, the contest’s a little rough around the edges, but it has started and you have the theme, and that’s the main thing 8)

(S68) #6

Thread moved as requested :slight_smile:

(oh, yes, I’m in too!!!)


(BgDM) #7

iamgrandpaboy, that one rocks man. love the saliva flying from the mouth. needs some sweat flying too though to make it that much better


(ectizen) #8


Post pro is allowed, because anything is allowed! The only requirement here is that non-blender processes in the image are documented in the entry submission.

Another excerpt from the rules under development:

Submission Updates

To update an entry, you can either post a new message, or edit the existing one. The new entry should have a different URL, to avoid problems with old entries being cached.

These interpretations are nothing like what I was expecting! Excellent work!

imgrandpaboy: if that’s what you think of on the toilet, you probably need more fibre in your diet :wink:

(hannibar) #9

This is my entrie for the contest. I know it sucks, but I’m gone this weekend, so I have no time to work on it anymore.


btw : the hand is not supposed to be realistic.


(pofo) #10

good luck to everyone…im interested in seeing alot of different interpretations of the theme…

Different you say, I’ll give you different. Just you wait.

  1. pofo (who is turning up his modelling speed for this)

(BgDM) #11

imgrandpaboy: the sweat looks great. awesome job man. you got my vote, (as long as i got yours :wink: )

anyway, i have to agree with you on the rule suggestion. should be at least 1/2 blender, if not more. should also be no previous models, unless there is a texture a lighting challenge where a model is supplied. should be 100% new stuff. just my opinion.


(ectizen) #12

I’m reluctant to go quite that far. I’d like to think that people would be able to recognise when someone’s taken shortcuts and take it into account when voting.

How does this sound:

Hmm… what do you think of an extra prize for the winner. As well as specifying the next theme, they also get to impose a new rule (5 words or less) for the next challenge. This new rule could override an existing one, or place additional restrictions. For example, someone giving the theme “glass”, could add a rule like “no lightflow or external renderers”. This could make things interesting.

(acasto) #13

The first part sounds good, but I don’t know about the rule thing. Personally, I like having all the options open.

(Vidigiani) #14

Plus… it would get hard to keep track of the rules… and where would a newb start when they had to read through all the rules? :stuck_out_tongue:

(ectizen) #15

The winners’ rules wouldn’t be cumulative! Yikes! :o

They’d only be in effect for one week - the same week for which the winner chose the topic, and is excluded from entering.

([email protected]) #16

:smiley: this is this weeks entry by me [email protected]

(blengine) #17

ectizen of the future gave a perfect set of rules! i like those rules, what does everyone else think?
the rule creation thing sounds cool, it may get confusing, but as long as you would post the new set of rules at each contest, it would be nor problem at all and would be cool to be able to make a rule like “no rendering aloud”(hahah im jus kiddin)…

thanks bgdm for the comments! =) your entry is excellent too! youve got my vote

(pofo) #18

Ok, here’s mine :stuck_out_tongue:

No masterpiece, but I don’t think I’ve ever finnished something in less than three days before.

  1. pofo

(S68) #19

Hey pofo!

THe book was “Do androids dream of electric sheeps” not electric cow :slight_smile:

Very nice image…

Here’s is my 1 day entry (modeled friday, rendered today, I had a very buisy week-end)

100% blender, bottom text added later in Paint Shop Pro.


Will try harder next time :wink:


([email protected]) #20

S68 i know that ext and image looks and seems amazingly like half-life you ever play that :smiley: