New Countdown To Extinction poster!

@ndy has made another wonderful poster to get all of you excited about this project!

The poster is at, and the CTE site is at

Very cool,

I assume is blender made, right?


cool poster ! :smiley:

it makes me think of the movie “The Abyss” ,
maybe you’ve got inspiration from that movie :wink: ?

( I wish I got more 3D inspiration, it lacks as hell the latest weeks/month :frowning: )


Blender, yeah.

Any expected release date(s) to look forward to?

Looks very promising :slight_smile: , I’ll be looking forward to seeing the first part released. How many do you have signed up as crew?
Interesting to see how this goes too, can be the first of many intercontinental blender-full length -movie projects!!??