New Cpu i7 5920k 5930k or 5960x

Hej all on blenderartist.
I have plans to bying a new cpu. Rigth now i have an AMD Phenom II X6 1040T.
Do some of you have some experience with the new intel cpus. 5920k 5930k or 5960x ?
I cant finde any blenderbenchmark with this. I have looked in thread but no one seam to have one of this.

Hi, here you are:

Cheers, mib

Thanks. But do you know what scene they use to this benchmark? So i can compare with my one.
And have some one purchased some of this cpus that could tell me how fast it is on some of the blenderbenchmarkstest there is?

Make sure the cpu is compatible with your motherboard

Hi lucblend, they use the BMW benchmark since a long time but they use a very old Blender version.
To compare you can use 2.68a too:
Nobody knows the tiles setting, try default and 256x256.

Cheers, mib

mrd77. Yes i now and i also need to by ddr4 ram. Thanks mib2berlin.

You need an x99 motherboard. the newest gen of motherboards. I am also doing an x99 build. Already ordered my stuff. Keep in mind that if you are doing dual gpu setup, you shouldn’t use the 5820 cpu because it can’t utilize two GPU to it’s fullest potential.

I only have one gpu. Titan :slight_smile: but I did"nt now that. Thanks. Right now, I believe, I end up purchasing an 5930.

AFAIK the only problem is that you will have to run your second pci-e only 8x and not 16x. But does it really affect the speed? I doubt that.

For rendering, it won’t make a difference at all (PCIe 3 x8 has a transfer speed of around 7.8 GB/s, so 1/2 a second to completely fill a 4GB card) and it has been shown in many gaming benchmarks to make little to no difference as well.

that’s good! save some money everyone! :wink: