New Desktop - furniture !


I bought a new desktop furniture this week,
much better workplace now here at home…

I bought it at IKEA, don’t know what the name
of the desktop is in other countries, but this has
the name “Effektiv” , which means " effective, efficient ",
righthanded table…and a small shelf to it…and a nicely
design table lamp…“Alunit”, weird word/name :-?

but hey, my computer-/workplace looks now like a real
office place !!! and it looks much better for my
apartment (and my only room - one roomer)

so I am happy, even if it costed about 190 $
some will now probably say, “why not do other stuff
with that money” , I say, maybe yes…but I have longed
for this very long now…

/me is happy :smiley:

I too have bought a new desk for my computer recently, big thing high corner thing with lots of shelves (pretty expensive even though I got it for half the original price). When I got it home I realised I’d much rather use it as a common desk and use my old one for my comp. So now I have moved all my furniture around a couple of times until I felt comfortable with it. I even got my place clean and ordered because of it.
I was lucky enough that the table I used to have my computer on (/under/around) was exactly the same height and width of my old desk :slight_smile:

  1. pofo

(isn’t an off topic forum great ;))

hey Pofo

that sounds great !!

I have only a one-roomer and having hard times knowing placing
my furnitures where I wish…so I just have it where it is the best
place for it…too bad it is next to my bed…but my apartment is
bad for placing stuff…very long and small apartment…stupid
built… :frowning:

very long and small? Ideal for an archery range! :smiley:

/me puts an apple on Ztonzy’s head, makes him stand at the far end of the apartment, and shoots!

wheeeee, thunk.


Ikea do some pretty good quality & cheap stuff.

Only problem with flat packed furniture is putting it up with badly translated instructions… And having bits left over…


yeah…but this time there was no left-overs…

and yes…my apartment is long…12 metres ! :smiley:

/me ducks when brian shots the arrow !

woo go ztonzy! :wink: i always loved shopping for new computer furniture stuff, never bought any, but its fun to dream [looks up to the stars]

/me throws battle axe aiming for tiny apple

i tried to look at our local ikea’s site, and what did i get ???

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01f4’
Variable is undefined: ‘blnProductIsInSystem’
/product_presentation/subcat.asp, line 545

aint that grand ???

could we get a webcam shot or rendered image about your whole setup ???

looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL…nice to go IKEA !!

hehe…I was thinking of something…haven’t decided yet thought… 8)

Sniff, I only have an old military surplus (purchased in 1957, it was surplus in 1957!) desk. :frowning:
But I don’t live in an archery range :wink: , me’s jealous any way :x . It sounds like a nice desk. :smiley:

As long as the furniture isn’t all glass! I bought an all glass desk becuase it was very contemporary looking… it ended up being the worst thing I have ever had to keep clean. Absolutely horrible.

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oh my,
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