new earth tutorial

Well this is my very first written tutorial ever so please don’t be too hard on me. you can find a link to the tutorial on this page of my website-
It is a very simple tutorial on how to make the earth with clouds too. C&C are welcome.
EDIT- new link-

Wow , easy but great !

Keep up the good work !


Neat! Thank you very much, been having trouble texturing stuff in Blender, never turns out the way I want it, these tricks really come in handy.

Wow, thanks for the support! If there is anything extra you would like me to add to the tutorial, please do not esitate to ask as it would not be very hard for me to add something simple to it.

Good job! The only thing I would suggest is that you may want to add an image of your render settings at the end, right before the final image.

Looks good. Good luck with the site. :slight_smile:

Sorry its been awhile since ive replied here. I have been very busy with school during the last few days. But I did add the render setting picture to the tutorial so that it has a picture of the render settings near the end. That is all the changes I’ve made so far yet. I might change some things to make the tutorial flow better but as of now I just don’t have time. Again, thank you for your support.

Great Tutorial - save for the fact the the site is apparently suspended!!! Could you PLEASE post it here!!! make it more advanced, like how to make cool spacescenes where the light bouces of the planets and everything! Also could you add how to make the planets even more detailed? I.E. rings, ect… Great tutorial, I will finish it up as soon as you make a new link!. Spacescenes are really the last thing I need to learn how to make since I’ve been practicing on how to make spaceships. Thanks for your time!

Nvm, I clicked the link under your post and found it manually :D. Anyways, I would extremly appreciate it if you would create a tutorial for making cool and semi realistic space scenes. That way I could make the scene and then make my ship and put it in front of the scene. Thanks!

I would love to check out your tutorial. Can you repost somewhere? For those of you interested in a great planet tutorial, check out the Blender Art magazine issue 9. “How to Make A Realistic Planet In Blender”.

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Can you upload to another site?
Or are you fixing the problem :)?

Oh, sorry about that. I knew that that link was down, I just forgot to update it. Just go to -
to download.
PS- I would love to make a more advanced tutorial, unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to work on one, but I’ll see if I can find some time.

Nice tutorial! Thanks so much for posting this!

My map comes out backwards on the Earth. What happened? It’s like it got put on the inside of the sphere instead of the outside.