New Feature Film: Cold Dark Mirror

Just in time for halloween, I’m happy to announce my next feature film presentation, currently in production: Cold Dark Mirror.

Set in a realm where magic and technology co-exist as the Discipline of Craft, Cold Dark Mirror follows a young Witch-Hunter, Lydia, who stumbles upon the dark secret of the Unseen World; a shadow world of dreams and nightmares which lies just beyond the mirror’s edge.

A dark and ancient power, the Time Shadow, seeks entry into the corporeal world, a power some on the Alchemic Council are in league with, and whose existence they seek to keep secret above all else.

Together with her Cat Familiar Callista, Lydia must face the Shadow Council, and avenge the death of her mentor, the Maegis Acheron.

I’m working solo on this one, as with all my previous films (visit for a full rundown of these :wink: I’m just over 20 mins in runtime at the moment, with some furious set building and secondary character modeling in the works over the next few weeks. Follow my intermittent updates and progress reports on my production blog:

This will be the first film I’ve done entirely in Blender, start to finish, for everything except the sound fx and music. I’m aiming for a 2014 release at some point, in the meantime you can catch up on my previous works at the links up above, including my first feature film Archon Defender out on DVD and VOD in USA and Canada right now.

Oh yes, it’s in 3D 3d… so if you have a pair of 3D glasses handy, here’s the youtube 3D version:

Godspeed with this charming project. Please be sure to let us know when its finished.:cool: