🖼 New feature: portfolio icon

The recently introduced User Portfolios are now easier to discover with the new portfolio icon:

The icon will only be displayed for users who have uploaded work into any of the #artwork subcategories. This information is updated once per day, so if you upload something for the first time you should expect a delay before it shows up.

The ‘new’ bubble will disappear early next week.


Update: some people have asked an option to disable the portolio for their account. I’ll look into this soon.


Yo, I have some stuff without preview images in my portfolio, although the threads contain image attachments. How can i fix this or disable my portfolio?

Edit the topic and select the right thumbnail - that should do it:

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This is great! But we still cannot choose what appears in the portfolio. We might not want people to see every artwork we have made. For example, I would only want stuff I have posted in finished project and so don’t want work-in-progress and critique section to appear in portfolio. This can be easily done by letting users set “portfolio” tag and the portfolio only showings topics with those tags.

Sorry for stealing the idea, I don’t remember where I saw this idea.


Thank you for implementing this choice. I received your notification recently, and thought to ‘check out’ what was in my portfolio, before making any changes. I was ‘pleased/surprised’ to see a piece from several years ago that I had not remembered being posted here. Great to revisit.

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I’d really like the option to turn off the images I don’t want. I’ve got some old stuff posted from back when I knew nothing and I don’t want it visible on my portfolio.


Yep – images I posted to Blender Tests are in my portfolio, tests shouldn’t have to be portfolio-worthy.

Decided tonight after watching info here that I will not setup a user portfolio on BA until these issues are resolved. This doesn’t sound like a working solution without controls over the display your own work.

I just removed the ‘new’ badge.

Moreover, there’s no active involvement regarding the same, it basically makes the feature unusable for general users.