New feature tests

This thread can be used to post your experiments with new features in blender.

Great ideea!

Trying Ambient Occlusion, looks almost like yafray:

nice, but whats with that baaaad reflection?

that is one SWEET image modron, holy cow. what features did u use?

new textures, ambient occlusion and radiosity, combined with some good old blender internal raytracer with some serious fresnel.

Voronoi/Minkovsky used to displace a subsurf sphere. Earth texture just for effect. You could probably do a really good toad with that effect.

well I was experimenting with particles, 70000000 partivles for blotchy (cloudy vision) and about 9000 particles for red blotches (blood vesels)

yea, and I put a new topic with this in it too because i turned it into something.

whoa, but whats up with the screenshot?

what was the render time?

oh, i like taking screen shots. Its a little facination of mine, the computer acualy knows what it is displaying…

Ah render time was, 3 min on my old pentium 2 equivilent + Geforce FX 9200 vid card. Mostly because I had a very slight motion blur in there, so little I can barely see a diffrence.

Hi all,
I am new here, so hi all.

Here is something I created using 2.3.3, skin was done with procedural textures, model from makehuman:

(edit: replaced the picture with something a bit more advanced… and again…)

Old face, new lamp :smiley:
(Hope it shows) and yes, his eyes are still looking in 2 different directions…

great idea.

how come the image tool wouldn’t work? i.e.-www.doug.m~~~

anyway, i used blender 2.32 and the new ambiont occlusion, but just slightly…

Which lamp?

prolly AO

AO Isn’t a lamp, It’s a setting.

BackiZ wrote:
Old face, new lamp

Which lamp?
AO Isn’t a lamp, It’s a setting.

SkeLeToR was right, in my blender version the AO was in the lamp menu under the spot, hemi, sun etc. so I said lamp. But it was moved to the worldbuttons now, I believe.

really? Why did they move it?

thanks for this thread!