New feature: topic thumbnail selector

We just activated a new beta feature that allows you to select which image in your post to use as a thumbnail. To use:

Edit your topic’s meta data:

Click the ‘Select thumbnail’ button…

… and pick the one you like:

Please report any issues with this feature below.


Perfect… I was waiting for this feature!
Thank you!

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Yes! Yes! Yes! No more custom thumbnail cropping and first post editing!:heart::heart::heart:

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It doesn’t auto-crop yet though :slight_smile:

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Uuuuuuuuuu, I DO like the subtle inclusion of the word “yet” there! :yum::yum::wink:

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Hey! @bartv: aparently thumbnail selector does not work for me.

Os X El Capitan & Last Firefox Version.

Trying to change the thumb of my post, but it does nothing.

Interesting, I can confirm that on Firefox/Mojave. Reported here:

It does not work either with Safari and Chrome in Os X.

I just checked in Safari and Chrome and it works as expected. Can you try in a private browser window to rule out any plugins?

Tried incognito & private windows in Firefox and Chrome. Disabled all extensions for this window mode. None of them worked for me.

Tried Safari with no extensions installed. As I dont use Safari so much I have it clean of addons. But same results: thumbs does not change.

I’ll reply in a PM to follow up

Doesn’t work for me too. Firefox Nightly 71 and Windows.

I’m trying to set the thumbnail on this topic but it’s staying on the very first image (I would like the last one of the last post)
Is it because it needs some time to update ?

( I’m running Chrome over Ubuntu 16.04 )

Thanks :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Sorry bad link… Just updated

Nightly builds may not be supported yet, can you try in the stable release?

Hmm, that’s a link to a category, not a topic.

Sorry I had misscopypasted the link, it’s ok now

I just tried your link and it worked on first try. Just making sure - after selecting another thumbnail, did you save the change with the blue checkmark button?

Yes I did checked this checkmark :confused: (I’ve even tried the whole process twice)

By the way I saw you changed it for me and it’s ok know :+1: thanks

Do you want me to try another thumbnail change in order to try to reproduce / debug ?

Yeah, please do. Which Chrome version are you on? Is it latest/stable?