NEW FiGHTING GAME Looking for a Team

Hello its Eternal here trying to recruit a small group of people to help me create my fighting game.

Everyone involved is credited obviously.

I am trying to start up my own Company. Which is called Eternal Rift Studios.

So if you help out and do good and like the way I run things. Then you will have a place at ERS.

So on to the actual product.
The game I am working on now I won’t go into major detail on here.

It’s a 2.5d fighter (Steet fighter 4, Mortal Kombat)
My game in particular is similar but different.
Currently I am using Unity 5’s Universal Fighting Engine, as a means of demoing the game. But I do plan on porting the game to Unreal 4
If you are interested in helping in this project
Contact me. Ask for more info.

I am a 3d modeler myself but I currently suck at environments.

So what I need:
Character Animators
Unity Coders
Texture Artists (I can texture but I’m only subpar at it)
Sound Designer
Visual FX Artist

if it wasn’t for the fact that I am 13 I would help but if you want I could recommend you a story The planet is invaded by aliens the aliens make the strongest people fight the strongest aliens on their side

Can you give a link of a pick or some work you’ve done so we can see what level of work you can make?