New Forum Design

I must be honest, this is a terrible new design. It is so bad, that it is hard to begin giving constructive critism. Almost all basic design principles are lost here.

  • no functional structure
  • basic information is missing
  • adverts are mixed up with posts, and a lot more
    Personally, I find it so bad that I rather avoid this forum, than to try and sift through all the info that is randomly contained in the black on white pages. Sure the standard template of the VBulletin is no aesthetic masterpiece, but it is logical and easy to find your way around in.
    I hope this is not the final layout.

same here. Preferred the original forum style.

Is there a competition to see how many individual threads can be opened to grumble about the new look? :wink:

The attached image shows the threads currently on this forum’s front page that deal with the new layout in one way or another. While a couple are bug-specific and one offers style-sheet “fixes”, most just reiterate the same grumbles - and there’s already a 14+ page thread about those over in news and discussion!!!


Well, does it look like anyone is listening???

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty to say about the change too but given that Timothy is responsible for the forums we’ve been told in two or three threads that Timothy is on holidays, then I guess you could say no one (that really matters) is listening.

So, if Timothy’s not here to do anything about the grumbles, will more grumbly threads make any difference or are we better off adding our voices to the main news thread, if anything at all?

We already have a official thread about the new layout, find it in News & Discussion, a sticky thread.